Another very informative course report from our Course Manager, Craig Paterson.

We have had contrasting weather so far this summer with the start of June having glorious sunshine but the second half of June and into July being a complete being a complete wash out. For the 1st seven days of July, we have had 50mm of rain.
The forecast for the next few weeks is much the same as the past few weeks, nice dry spells with pleasant temperatures with frequent heavy rainfall.
The current wet weather has allowed for some recovery of the scorch damage to take place. We have and will continue to overseed worn/damaged areas.
Our Super 500 flail mower has been working hard cutting down the long rough on both courses over the past few weeks, work on these areas will continue throughout the season. The overall purpose of my rough management plan is to reduce the excessively long and dense rough in which it is nearly impossible to find golf balls and have more natural looking, almost links style type of rough, leaving a long, open and wispy ecological rough. This should, in turn, give the course an instant aesthetic effect, but allow members and visitors to find their balls and help speed up play.
Our greens are progressing nicely, with regular mowing taking place, we currently mow 7 times per week at a height of 3.5 mm. Now that the intense warm weather has passed, we are able to return to our verticutting program, this will dovetail nicely with the grooming program that I mentioned in last months report. Link to a more detailed explanation of difference between grooming and verticutting Scarification vs Verticutting what is the difference? | TurfCareBlog
We continue with our nutrition, wetting agent, and disease management processes, with spraying taking place fortnightly.
Due to the large volume of play and little amount of recovery time, we have changed they type of seed that we use for divoting and overseeding. The previous seed just couldn’t germinate and establish quick enough. We have moved to using a combination of Diploid and Tetraploid grasses, these are not necessarily new to the industry, but it is the first time they have been in use here at
Cawder and should help with the conditions of the tees. The standard rye grass is Diploid which has 14 chromosomes, but the Tetraploid has 28.
Chromosomes produce plant cells and the more chromosomes the more sugar the plant can store and give back to the plant, which in turn aids in quick establishment and recovery. Diploids have two sets of chromosomes per plant cell, where Tetraploids have four per cell and as a result have deeper roots and better wear tolerance compared to Diploids.
We aim to complete a full bunker rake every day, although due to staff priorities and availability, course diary and weather conditions it is not always possible. We have also started to rake the bunkers on Saturday mornings in preparation for the medal.
Below are a few etiquette points to please consider when playing from a bunker.
• Locate the bunker rake before you enter the bunker.
• Enter the bunker at the lowest point furthest away from the green, this helps maintain bunker surrounds.
• After playing your shot use the rake to smooth the sand. This should spread the sand evenly and not just pull the sand to the back of the bunker.
• Exit at the lowest point, the same way you entered.
• After exiting, slightly tap the side of your shoes with the rake to remove any excess sand, this will prevent it being walked onto the green.
• Replace rake back into the bunker.
Machinery The club has just purchased a new John Deere 2030A Pro Gator and HD300 precision sprayer. These pieces of machinery are market leaders and best in class. They spray more efficiently with satellite guidance technology and increase productivity and accuracy while reducing labour and material costs. This is a significant investment from the club and will give us the best vehicle and sprayer in the surrounding area.
We welcome Cameron Glasgow to the team from Balmore Golf Club. Cameron is a fully qualified greenkeeper and has over 5 years’ experience in the industry. Although he has only been with us a few days his qualities are clearly visible and I’m sure he will be a great asset for the club

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