We understand the different lifestyles many of us have these days, so at Cawder Golf Club we aim to offer a membership option to suit you, as well as a list of membership benefits making your membership great value for money. Take a look at our Membership Benefits page for the key headlines you get with a membership at Cawder Golf Club, and please contact our General Manager to discuss which option is right for you.

All memberships are available on a 12 month direct debit agreement, and all adult fee’s include a £60 bar tab.

Adult Memberships


Associate Member Playing Times-

Keir Course

There are no restrictions as to the times of play for associates on the Keir Course with the following exceptions:

(a) On Saturday Gents Competition days, associate members are not permitted to commence play before 2.00pm.
(b) During local school summer holidays Junior Associates are not permitted to commence play between 5.00pm and 7.00pm unless accompanied by a member of Associate.
(c) Flexible members are not permitted to enter Saturday competitions.

Cawder Course

The restrictions for associates on the Cawder Course are as follows:

Monday – No restrictions on play.
Tuesday and Thursday – Associates must commence play before 4.30pm unless accompanied by a member.
Wednesday and Friday – All associates must be accompanied by a member and commence before 4.30pm.
Saturday and Sunday – No play before 4.00pm.

Public Holidays – No play before 4.00pm. Thereafter associates must be accompanied by a member.

Under no circumstances shall it be permissible for an associate member to play within restricted times by being introduced as a member’s guest.


Youth and Intermediate Memberships
Junior Memberships



At Cawder we are very proud to support our Junior Section and we have tried to keep membership prices as low as possible to encourage Junior Membership.

Any Under 12 who has a releative currently in receipt of a Full Membership is welcome to play at Cawder for free.

Other Memberships