Though the clocks have gone back and the 2023 playing season is behind us, now is a good time to look forward to Summer 2024 and an event at a course you perhaps haven’t played for years or ever.

Here at Cawder, we are happy to welcome groups, societies etc who are looking for a great golfing experience and our two courses, with different characteristics, allow us to cater for many options and standards.

We have our Cawder (Championship) Course which has been recognised in 2023 as being within the Top 100 courses in Great Britain and Ireland for £65 and Under by Golf World and as a Finalist for Best Course Under £75 by the 2023 Scottish Golf Tourisim Awards.

For those who find the Cawder Course a little daunting, we also offer packges on our Keir Course and for the real enthusiasts, there are packages which include both. After your visit, you could add your voice to the discussion about the best order to play them in.

Details of our packages for 2024 are included in this post and these, or something bespoke can be arranged by contacting [email protected]

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